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Keni Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Manufacture Fear Hacking Journal

The number one obstacle to success is not money, looks, or time, but fear. The world’s only journal to hack fears, accomplish goals, and focus on what matters: The Fear Hacking Journal is the last journal a person will ever need. Fear less. Do more.

Designed using scientific strategies to identify fears, increase productivity, and accomplish goals.  Fear is a powerful coping mechanism, but it is also the reason many don’t experience new things.  The Fear Hacking Journal helps shift the focus on what can happen when fear is not a factor.

Why Use a Fear Hacking Journal?

  • Fear is the number one obstacle to success

  • The Fear Hacking Journal is the first journal of its kind to address fear

  • A personalized and action-oriented tool for executing goals and creating the right mindset

The Fear Hacking Journal addresses fear by using a powerful stoic technique for mental toughness called fear setting.  

What is Fear Setting?

In order to conquer fear of the unknown, fear must be turned into something that is known.  There are several questions to answer in order to imagine a worst-case scenario.  By answering some questions pertaining to a particular fear, confidence emerges in having an idea of what can happen and how to deal with it.  Fear setting + goal setting = clarity and purpose.

When journaling, most other journals simply contain an area to write a to-do list, goals, some blank pages, a calendar, and a gratitude journal.  While all of these items are nice to have in a journal, the Fear Hacking Journal adds:

  • 80-20 analysis – This is where a person figures out where they spend the critical 20% of their time and energy.

  • Fear identifying – Recognizing and managing fear is a big step to preventing it from becoming a crutch.

  • Fear Setting – Deconstruct the biggest fear and identify how to prevent and repair the worst thing that could happen.

  • Goal Setting – Create strategic goals and use it to plan each day with a purpose.

  • Assessment and reflection – Regular assessment to acknowledge achievements and see how the days are aligned with the goals and fears.

The Kickstarter campaign, located on the web at, offers pledge levels from $10 to $100, with rewards including a complete journal in editable PDF, a Fear Hacking Journal, a protective leather cover, and a Fear Hacking wall calendar.  For more information, visit the Kickstarter page.

About the Fear Hacking Journal:  The Fear Hacking Journal is a way toidentify and overcome fears that keep a person from accomplishing goals.

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