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Yo Bistro Announces Unprecedented Success with Unbreakable Stemless Wine Glasses

Hillside, NJ – Yo Bistro had a busy Christmas season selling its new product, Unbreakable Stemless Wine Glasses. Available on Amazon, the item proved to be a popular choice over the holiday period as shoppers searched for that ‘perfect’ gift.

“We were expecting plenty of sales over Christmas, but we ended up selling literally hundreds of our unbreakable stemless wine glass sets,” says Yo Bisto’s founder Yanay Mizrahi. “Our customers tell us over and over again what a great gift it makes. And some of our customers bought the set as a gift, but were so taken with it that they ended up ordering one for themselves!”

The glasses are unique because although they are made from shatterproof plastic, they have the look and feel of real glass. They can be dropped again and again without breaking, and they are also dishwasher safe. FDA approved, the glasses are free of any chemicals, including BPA and EA, and are completely safe to drink from.

Reviews from happy customers are fast appearing on Amazon.

“Extremely happy with this product! Durable, beautiful and functional!!!” writes Tiffany Richardson.

“Glasses look great, are dishwasher safe, and wok well for sitting in the hot tub!” says Ashley.

And from Asimina Tzovanis: “Very happy with this purchase… I have young kids, so anything glass that is put on a table is likely to be smashed! I feel that I get peace of mind with these while still feeling like an adult drinking out of a classy, shiny, glass :)”

Other advantages to the glasses are that they are heat resistant and won’t absorb stains or flavors. They can be used safely around pool areas or on boats, but also make an elegant addition to dinner parties.  And Yo Bistro offers a lifetime guarantee on the product.

Mizrahi expects that sales will continue to increase as people find out about the product. “It’s reasonable priced, and useful for so many situations, it’s almost a no-brainer!”

To find out more about Yo Bistro’s Unbreakable Stemless Wine Glasses, visit the website at, or Amazon.

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