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Amareen Dhaliwal and Steve B. Offer Exceptional MCAT Planners and Study Guides to Students on Amazon

When seeking assistance for one’s MCAT resources, it is often recommended to look into guides and books that have been written by people that have passed these examinations and have words of wisdom to share with others in similar situations. Amazon offers a wonderful list of books to consider from amazing authors such as Amareen Dhaliwal and Steve B.

Amareen Dhaliwal’s “Premedical Student: A One Year Daily Planner Agenda Axiology Test Prep” is one of the most notable options that many students pursue. The planner is supposed to provide students with the complete schedule and timeframe they need to prepare themselves in. This includes every aspect of the students’ studies and is something that Amareen too, followed strictly when she attempted to get admission into her medical college.

Another one of Amareen’s planners is the “MCAT: A 24 Hour Daily Planner: Axilogy Test Prep”. This one is a more in-depth planner, providing a complete 24-time planner that can greatly assist people who are a bit lost in how they should divide their time.  Customer reviews have been quite excellent for both of these planners, and they have certainly assisted many in dividing their time and getting organized.

Another notable option for students is “MCAT Biology” by Steve B. This study guide provides over 500 questions and answers practice. It guarantees a higher score to its students, providing them with questions and answers from the past papers. One is able to practice and truly learn how the exams they will be facing will be structured and designed. This saves a lot of time and stress, and can alleviate a lot of the issues that one is facing.

There are a multitude of other books available on Amazon from Amareen Dhaliwal and other authors. Amareen, specifically has written over 21 books on various different topics, but many primarily concerning her planners for students who wish to prepare for their medical schools.

About DailyMCAT:

DailyMCAT is an online blog that provides solutions and assistance to students who have to give the MCAT examination. MCAT is quite different from other tests – as it is divided into many different sections that test a multitude of the student’s skills and abilities. Without understanding and practice from reliable resources, getting a good result in this exam is quite difficult. This is why DailyMCAT has become the destination of many students.

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