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Cryptocurrency-Backed Company, Estatium, Has Been Created to Invest in Real Estate

London, UK – Cryptocurrency is a newer medium of money that no one fully understands. Bitcoins are something many people have properly heard of by now, and they’re the most popular form of cryptocurrency. To put it simply, cryptocurrency is a digital currency that can be exchanged to complete transactions. People can also control the creation of additional units of the currency and verify that assets have been transferred. Cryptocurrency uses cryptography to function. Cryptography is used to send hidden messages by using a key or algorithm. While many forms of cryptocurrency don’t try to hide transactions, they do use functions that were developed for cryptography: hashing and digital signatures. Cryptocurrency is being used for all types of transactions and investments, including real estate. Estatium is a cryptocurrency platform that is Ethereum-based and allows people to invest in real estate.

Estatium (EST) main claim is that they combine physical assets, virtual assets, and blockchain technology to give people real profit. EST works with and p23. The profit that the other two projects make go towards EST’s melting process. The plan for Estatium is that they will decrease the number of coins available on the market each month, with the supply also decreases. All profit made will be used for the buyback of Estatium on the open market each month.

The virtual aspect of the platform is used through, who will offer a wide range of options for people to book accommodations. Members of Estatium will have the option to list their own properties for rent; they’ll receive passive income from this process with very little effort or commitment.

Estatiumico also has a physical aspect. Estatium has a team of experts that are specialists in property management and the rental property industry. They utilize this team to look for the best possible locations that will be profitable. Project 23 is the second part of their vision. Project 23 has been started to construct a high-end luxury hotel and residential complex in Asia.

All parts of the company are combined in EST, a new and innovative type of cryptocurrency. During the initial stages, the real estate aspect will be completely dependent on blockchaintechnology. Consumers will have the ability to spend EST for services offered inside the project. These transactions will make Project 23 the first crypto building 100% based on cryptocurrency. 

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