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Green Office Printing, based in Tallassee Florida Announces Significant Increases in Sales Personnel

Bio Toner Manufacturer Leads the Charge in Desktop Printing

January, 2017 – Green Office Printing, a pioneer of bio-based toner for laser printers has increased its sales presence nationwide by over 30 sales representatives.  Green Office Printing has representation in all 50 states, Canada and the Caribbean.

Led by industry leaders from the printing industry and covering the US with distribution centers in 7 regions, Green Office Printing is poised to increase sales for 2017 by 200%. The company is pleased to promote environmental sustainability for future generations, helping customers create a cleaner and healthier office environment while reducing our dependency on foreign petroleum oil, promote the green office concept and a healthy office for workers.

A company spokesperson said during an interview “We are excited where Green Office Printing is today and eager to see how the market responds to our increased capabilities in 2017.”  She also stated “Green Office Printing will continue to extend the proven technology that led the newspaper printing industry to transform from petroleum oil based inks to bio-based based inks.” Green Office Printing customers range from law firms, to universities, to global food, to beverage companies and many small businesses. GOP continues to serve and grow their customer base.

To learn more about Green Office Printing, please visit their updated website at, call Green Office Printing ‘s main office at 866-774-6847 or contact them through email at [email protected].

Interested sales and manufacturer representatives are encouraged to contact Green Office Printing for consideration. 

The company’s 2017 goals are to continue to bring new products and technology to market such as bio-based toner cartridges.  The increase of sales personnel is to satisfy the increasing demand for their product.

Industry experts state that bio-based toner cartridges save 2 to 3 liters of foreign petroleum oil by replacing it with soybean oil. The bio based ingredients of the cartridge is grown by US farmers, in addition the toner cartridges cost less than the OEM models.

About Green Office Printing:

Green Office Printing’s mission statement sums up the vision and the passion behind the group.

“Green Office Printing is on the forefront of bio-based printing for laser printers. Green Office Printing believes in a better, cleaner, and more environmentally sustainable way to print, without petroleum oil. The overall mission is to reduce the use of foreign petroleum oil, increase the use of renewable bio-based resources, and improve the environment.”

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