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Virtual Assistance Maestro, Kathy McCabe Announces Her New Book

The Best Book On Amazon About Life-Changing Tips on Virtual Assistance & Being Your Own Boss

Fairfield, PA, USA – Kathy McCabe has announced the release of her new book titled ‘Virtual Assistant Cookbook: Recipes for Cooking Up Success.’ The book is available on Amazon and is a life altering inspiration by a motivational author who also happens to be a food lover. The Kindle edition of the book is basically about mastering the art of virtual assistance with perfection and quality. She included a few of her favorite recipes in the book as a bonus to readers.

“This book is a fun, quick read that gives a great look into life as a Virtual Assistant. Kathy offers a lot of resources and good advice while sharing her journey of success along the way,” said Kelly Poelker,, Co-Author of Virtual Assistant The Series.

The author, Kathy McCabe is a virtual assistance maestro with twenty years’ experience in the industry. She is a living inspiration and a real world success story for those aspirants who want to kick-off a career in virtual assistance. In addition, she has earned several distinctions throughout her career in virtual assistance, including the 2013 Thomas Leonard International Virtual Assistant Distinction and the US Representative on the board of and so readers can be sure of content validity of this book of recipe.

The book teaches the reader how to be their own boss and is an informative as well as inspirational eBook. Each chapter of the book is a ‘course’ of a meal, with favorite recipes of the author included as a bonus. Whether the book is being read by a seasoned professional or someone who is seeking to start a career in virtual assistance, there is a ‘dish’ recipe included in this cookbook for all virtually minded individuals. Kathy urges readers to sit back and enjoy this quick read.

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